The girl in this picture has aged. The man has not.

The girl in this picture has aged. The man has not.

Biographically Speaking

Jorge grew up in Queens, New York "right between the projects and the beach" and graduated from Connecticut College with degrees in Theatre and Education. After college, he dove headfirst into teaching at a K-12 school in Long Island while waiting for the love of his life to marry him. Three years later, she did. They moved to Massachusetts to be closer to family, further their educational careers, and begin making and raising their children. To date they've made three of them. There are no plans for a fourth. A lifelong geek, Jorge has trafficked in technology, Dungeons and Dragons and comic books. Add his theatre background into the mix and you have nerdom's Golden Quadrilateral.

"Being a geek, a nerd, whatever, it means you have passions."

Jorge's greatest passion is writing. He's written plays, graphic novels, role-playing adventures and short stories. The things he loves are the things he writes about. So it's no surprise that his first novel, Bottled, is all about monsters, magic and melanin (aka his family). Recently selected as The Associates of the Boston Public Library's 2018-2019 Writer in Residence, Jorge can be found barefoot in one of the library's finely appointed offices, working on Bottled and marveling at how far a nerd from Queens has come. 

Please stop by and say hi. Bring Cheetos.